Programs used:
Maya, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, Photoshop
Pictured here are some screenshots of the game I took afterward in Unreal Engine. One of my partners, Meghan Grayson, did the body of material work and hard surface modeling. I did the whiteboxing of the world, level design, implementation, and dressed some areas. Along with that I did some early concepting.

Assets Modeled in above screenshots.
Rat Cage, Water Bottle, Skeleton Hand
Pictured here are the main assets I got to work on during the project, the rat hands. Intentionally creepy, they were meant to immerse the player in this eerie rat experience. And along with looking down a rat nose in VR the whole time, it worked!
During this project I also created the rat head, which you do not see much of during the game anyhow. Both the hands and head were modeled in Z Brush originally, then detail was baked into them with Substance Painter.
The rat head on the left was modeled in Z Brush then the detail was baked in with Substance Painter. You can see a shot of it in Substance on the right. The texture is not extremely detailed, as it does not appear in game a lot.
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