Book Props
Some of the first things I worked on for the project both happened to be books. While I did modeling, texturing, and animation for these (excluding the illustrated photographs, created by Hana Lee), another important part of my work was implementing my art and interactions into Unity. I would start with a description of what should happen in the scene, and use the existing tools to achieve it. I frequently used the Unity Animator to achieve these effects as well.
"Stay Here"
The stay here scene is a good example of how my work involved technical implementation and art. I first illustrated the starry letters of this scene before putting it all together. I used scripts the devs had created to place nodes throughout the sky and ensure that the timing/transition from letter to letter felt correct.
The Lire Birds
The lire birds were one of the most involved tasks I worked on. I started with concepts, ensuring the birds could be crowded in the background without taking away too much attention from the Ferryman. 
From there I created a model, texture, and rig based on the chosen concept. I worked on a set of several idle animations, squawking, and variations to prevent them from looking too static, These animations were created in a sort of low frame rate/stepped style to give them that twitchy bird motion. Again, I used scripts to offset the birds animation from each other and used them to cue more exaggerated squawking with the appropriate dialogue. 
The last thing to do was work on their exit, which was a combination of idle flight animations I created in Maya and flight paths animated in unity. By animating a couple of different flight paths and attaching them to parents of each bird, I was able to have animate several birds taking off simultaneously with minimal work.
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