This is the final game trailer, created by Jed Ullrich.
The player movement was probably the trickiest thing to do. The player actually moves in the game by moving their arms forwards and backwards to mimic crawling. For this I take the change in distance for however much the controllers moved in space and then use that to move the character forward a variable amount.
For LabRATory I programmed the character movement and interactions, along with all of the main puzzles in the game. Along with that I also did the level design, whiteboxing, and asset implementation for this game. 
This first main puzzle involves plugging keys in a specific combination into a safe to unlock it. The keys detect an overlap with colliders that are present on each keyhole. The key then snaps to the slot and a code is created with the current order of keys in the slot, the total code is then compared to what the actual code should be.
This puzzle involves wire chewing in a specific order. The hint on the left when decoded reveals you should eat the yellow, blue, then red wire.
To prevent players from getting stuck here there is actually a reset button on the outside of the box that resets the wires to their default state. After being chewed a pipe gets knocked over for the player to pass through.
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