Programs used:
Maya, Unity Engine, 3D Coat, Photoshop
Final Scene
This scene was created in Unity. This was a class project where the goal was to create a cozy lived in space. I chose to create a scene based off of some concepts and a game idea I had already had in the past, Fish and Chicks.
These are two screenshots from the final scenes. While I hand painted these objects I ended up lighting them so that I could achieve a more dramatic affect and tie the whole scene together. I ended up going through many different phases of lighting trying to get the perfect feel, and this is what I ended up with.
Concepts done in Photoshop for the following models.
The models for the scene were all created in Maya and then textured with 3D coat. I tried to keep my poly count low because I knew that a lot of my detail would be painted in. I tried to capture the concepts looks accurately while maintaining a stylistic consistency between the two.
This chicken was created earlier in the concept phase as a style test, seeing how far I could push the painterly feeling of the world. I was extremely happy with the strong lights and color, but decided to cut back on the detail a bit to make asset production a bit quicker.
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