Programs used:
Maya, Unity, 3D Coat, Photoshop
Dungeon Generation Demo
This clip shows the dungeons that get generated in game. All art in the scene is 3D, created in Maya and hand painted in 3D Coat.
These are some of the first concepts painted in Photoshop to paint my 3D Models and Textures off of. Though certain aspects went through iteration during the 3D process.
On the left is the Unity scene I created to show what an example dungeon could look like, on the right you can see the progress training area. The tiles here had their colors tweaked after concepting to be less saturated so that characters could stand out on top of them.
A tid bit of the concepting I did for the first character we wanted to be in the game.
These characters where modeled and textured to closely resemble a 2D painted style along with the environment. After being modeled and textured I created a rig that allowed me to make some early animations you can see in the clip above.
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