Ollie Oop
Ollie Oop is an indie game being developed by a small team, in it a skateboarding pup known as Ollie sets out to help his friends. I work on all of the art for the game. I start with concepts, modeling, rigging, and animation. After which, I put the art into Unity and make sure it looks and behaves nicely.
Mia's Arcade
This was a project developed over the course of a digital painting course. The final result was an interactive scene I created in Unity.
ARTe Hemut Card Illustrations
This is a collection of cards that I illustrated for a digital deck building card game. The art style was predetermined and I worked with a team of artists to ensure they matched up. ARTe Hemut is property of Triseum. 
Fish & Chicks
Fish & Chicks is a dream project of mine that I design in my free time. The game revolves around making chicken friends who in turn help you prosper in different ways. These are some concepts I have created for the look and feel of the game.
Dungeon Coach & Slamurai
These are two tile based mobile games I have done some look development for. The concepts are meant to be translated quite literally into a painted style. 
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