Fish & Chicks
A game in development about a world where fishing and raising chickens is all that matters. I created the concepts in Photoshop, the models in Maya, then textured in 3D Coat/Photoshop. Afterwards I implemented the assets into a Unity scene and adjusted lighting to get the right feel.
Snack & Slash
Snack & Slash is a game that was made for Ludum Dare Game Jam, since its release it has been featured in dozens of Let's Play videos and won the Best Game in Show at Vizagogo 2018. I created the concepts in Photoshop and the models in Maya.
Dungeon Coach
Dungeon Coach is a game currently being developed to release on mobile by myself and Nic Lupfer as programmer. It functions like an "auto dungeon" where you teach adventurers how to get through different dungeons, getting to watch your little ones loot and explore all on their own. I created the concepts in Photoshop, models in Maya, and textures in 3D Coat.
This is a chicken I created in ZBrush before texturing in 3D Coat.
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